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Paldies,preci saņēmām-ļoti apmierināti.

Uz turpmāku sadarbību!



2020-04-02 18:45:00



Otlicnij mangal !!! 

-M Tires

2020-04-01 10:45:00

Уже не первый раз заказываем в этой фирме.

Каждый раз довольны качеством.

Советую !



2020-03-10 23:00:00

Artistic forging

Forging — is metal processing at high temperature, during which it is given the desired shape. Long since thus weapons and objects of labor were made. But blacksmiths always been creative people, therefore not only objects of "prime necessity" came out of their hammers but also the real forged works of decorative art which were used for decoration of houses of the upper classes of society.

Ironworks were used for decoration of palaces and castles. Whimsical animals and floral designs of incredibly fine work forged from metal could be seen on lattices and gates of rich houses. So artistic forging appeared in thknown today that is the creation of functional and decorative elements of the interior with the aesthetic value.

In the past and now as well the master can create a man-made fairy tale for anyone. Our artistic forging workshop provides production service of any forged products that will serve you for a long time. If you prefer reliable and durable items, you must surely have forged interior objects.

Great experience gained while working allows us to produce metal constructions of any complexity with high quality. It can be pergolas, sheds, decks, playgrounds, frame and panel advertising structures etc.

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